Abduction is when a bunnies are taken from the Bunny Circle, usually by the Beyea Aliens. Only one alien abduction can be active at a time, so if a bunny is already abducted by Area 51 or the Mothership when another bunny is abducted by Area 51 or the Mothership, the first bunny is returned to the Bunny Circle.

Abduction CardsEdit

Anti-Abduction CardsEdit

Cards Discarded by AbductionEdit

When a bunny is abducted, certain cards attached to that bunny must be discarded immediately:

Roaming Red Run CardsEdit

If the abducted bunny has a Roaming Red Run card (such as Cyber Bunny) on top of it, then the bunny goes with the aliens and the Roaming Red Run card moves on to the next target in the Bunny Circle. All Roaming Red Run cards work this way except for The Ebola Virus.

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