Ancient Star Rod
257 Ancient Star Rod-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 257
Type Very Special
Dice D12 BlueD12 BlackD12 Red
Background Diagonal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Violet
◄ Previous Run Transformer
Next ► Anti-Missile

Ancient Star Rod allows the player to defend against any weapon by rolling the blue, black, and red dice.

Roll three odd numbers
The weapon is redirected.
Roll two odd numbers
The weapon is eliminated.
Roll one odd number
The Ancient Star Rod is ineffective and discarded.
Roll no odd numbers
The weapon hits the original target with double strength and double range.
  • If the current date (day, month and year) is three odd numbers, then the player may automatically redirect the weapon without having to roll the dice.
  • If the current date (day, month and year) is three even numbers, then the Ancient Star Rod may not be used at all.


  • Placing Ancient Star Rod underneath the Holographic Bunny turns it into a live bunny (a red bunny, but of no particular type), capable of winning the game, but vulnerable to any weapon or circumstance. This action may be performed after the last carrot has been purchased from Kaballa's Market but before the Magic Carrot is revealed.


  • Carrot #13 Teal'c is pictured holding an Ancient Star Rod.
  • The palm trees also appear on The Conch.
  • The Ancient Star Rod is a reference to the TV show Stargate.