Atlas Shrugged
743 Atlas Shrugged-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 743
Type Run
Kind Nu
Dice D12 VioletD12 OrangeD12 GreenD12 YellowD12 BlueD12 BlackD12 RedD12 Pink
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Chocolate
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Atlas Shrugged may be used once to force all of the players to change their seats at the game table. If a number of dice (equal to the number of players) roll any identical number, then all players move to the adjacent seat.

  • For example, if three people are playing, then Atlas Shrugged is activated if three of the numbers rolled are the same. It does not matter which number it is, as long as there are three of them.
  • All players leave their saved cards and take possession of an opponent's saved cards. Players keep their five-card hands.
  • The Player who played the card chooses the direction of movement for all the players (either clockwise or counter-clockwise).



  • All the Nu cards are literary references (since they first appeared in a special printing for Barnes & Nobles). Atlas Shrugged parodies the novel “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand.
  • Atlas Shrugged parodies Greek mythological titan Atlas, who was said to be strong enough to carry the whole world on his shoulders.
  • Between the Nu series release and the Chocolate Zeta series release, the dice boxes were colored to indicate which dice can be rolled. Originally, the blank dice boxes were meant to indicate that no re-rolls due to pawns were allowed.

Image VariationsEdit

743 Atlas Shrugged-thumbnail
Card #0743
Nu 004 Atlas Shrugged-thumbnail
Card #Nu 004