Bingo Flamingo
527 Bingo Flamingo-thumbnail
Bingo Flamingo
Quest Card Info
Card ID 527
Type Special
Dice D20 ClearD12 Pink
Background Horizontal gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Perfectly Pink
◄ Previous Appetite Suppressant
Next ► Paradise Syndrome

Bingo Flamingo may be used on any opponent with at least five Carrots. If the numbers on the opponent’s Carrots connect to form an unbroken chain (no diagonals) on the “Bingo” card, then the player may take all five Carrots. The opponent may foil the Player by rolling any of the five numbers of the Carrots on the Clear 20-sided or Pink dice.



  • The first print run of the Pink Booster had a printing error on this card: a second ‘16’ was printed in place of ’17.’ The second ‘16’ should be considered ’17.’


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