Bizarre Baccarat
0837 Bizarre Baccarat-thumbnail
Conquest Card Info
Card ID 0837, 0838
Type Run
Kind P-Card
Dice D12 OrangeD12 Green
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Blue
◄ Previous Top of the World
Next ► Blue Plate Special

To use Bizarre Baccarat, a player must have a bunny in The Bunny Circle because it is an Aggressive card (cards that have a Pink rectangular box). Bizarre Baccarat may be placed on any bunny in The Bunny Circle. The player must choose the bunny that will take the risk for the card. This target bunny can be one of his own bunnies or any opponent’s bunny in The Bunny Circle. The owner of the target bunny rolls the two 12-sided dice (Orange and Green), adds the numbers (Modulo 10), and either reaps the reward of the card or suffers the consequence:

  • 6-7-8-9 = Choose a Carrot from Kaballa’s Market Two and one Metal card from Morden’s Metal Exchange. If Morden’s Metals Exchange has no Metal cards to offer, then the player is out of luck.
  • 4-5 = Feed the bunny 1 Radish Unit and 1 Milk Unit!
  • 2-3 = Pay any one Metal card to Morden’s Metal Exchange. If the player cannot pay one Metal card to Morden’s Metals Exchange, then the bunny is discarded.
  • 0-1 = The bunny gets a one-way ride into the desert by the Casino bosses (discarded)!

If the consequence for a bunny is to feed, then it must be done immediately. An opponent with no saved Radish Units or saved Milk Units will not have the opportunity to buy supplies from Kaballa’s Market Two since it will not be his turn.


  • Bizarre Baccarat parodies the James Bond film Dr. No which features a scene with Bond playing baccarat.[1]
  • The bunny with the eye patch is a parody of the character Emilio Largo from the James Bond film Thunderball.[2]
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