Bunnies the Gathering
737 Bunnies the Gathering-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0737, Psi 10
Type Run
Kind Green Arrow Psi
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous Horton Hates A Who
Next ► Indiana Clones

Bunnies the Gathering allows the player to “pat” six bunnies (one each of green, orange, violet, yellow, red, and blue) in the Bunny Circle, preventing them from playing aggressive cards. Patted bunnies are turned 45° counter-clockwise, and the player should keep the Bunnies the Gathering card down as a reminder that it is in play. Each time it becomes the player’s turn again, the player must un-pat one bunny until there are no patted bunnies, at which point the Bunnies the Gathering card is discarded.


  • The player may choose to pat a Half-Color Bunny for one of the six colors if one of its colors matches.
  • If the Bunny Circle does not contain a bunny of each color, the player may pat less than six bunnies — one of each color that is present. If the player has the only bunny of a certain color, he / she must pat his / her own bunny.
  • Patted bunnies may still be attacked, abducted, made to feed, etc.


  • Bunnies the Gathering is a reference to a different card game Magic: The Gathering.
  • The Psi promo cards all pictured the Psi symbol in the background.
  • The 6 elemental symbols are that of the 3rd Killer Bunnies® game, Killer Bunnies® and the Ultimate Odyssey. From top to bottom: elements, energy, technology, animals, crops and land. The red bunny would be from the energy tribe and the yellow bunny would be from the land tribe.

Image VariationsEdit

737 Bunnies the Gathering-thumbnail
Card #0737
Psi 10 Bunnies the Gathering-thumbnail
Card #Psi 10

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