Bunny Dearest
570 Bunny Dearest-thumbnail
Bunny Dearest
Quest Card Info
Card ID 570
Type Run
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Wacky Khaki
◄ Previous Bottoms Up!
Next ► Bunnymooners

Bunny Dearest may only be placed on a single-color bunny (no half-color bunnies). The player must roll higher than the numerical value of the current month using the same color die as the bunny to survive.



  • Bunny Dearest parodies the movie Mommy Dearest, which is about Joan Crawford.
  • “In the most infamous scene of the film, Joan, cross-eyed and slathered in cold cream, stalks into Christina's bedroom in the middle of the night and discovers one of the child's dresses hanging on a wire hanger. She launches into a tirade, screaming at the girl, "I told you! No wire hangers, ever!" She yanks dresses from Christina's closet, throws them all over the girl's room and brutally beats the screaming girl with the hanger. Joan, furious that the child does not understand her notion of cleanliness, wrecks the bathroom as well, throwing cleanser powder everywhere, screaming at Christina to clean it up.”[1]



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