Bunnies Of The Caribbean
Psi 02 - Bunny Eye For The Carrot Guy-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID Omega 12, 0727
Type Run
Kind Yellow Arrow Psi
Dice D12 VioletD12 OrangeD12 GreenD12 YellowD12 BlueD12 BlackD12 RedD12 Pink
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous Spider Bunny
Next ► Shazbot

Bunny Eye For The Carrot Guy may be used once by a Player to choose a Carrot if he is the player wearing the most clothing with the color that matches the highest die rolled.

  • If two (or more) colors are tied for the highest die rolled, then give one Carrot to each player who is wearing the most clothing for each color. This may, of course, be the same player who would then take both Carrots.
  • If the highest color rolled is not worn by any of the players, then no one takes a Carrot.
  • Undergarments count as clothing!


  • Bunny Eye For The Carrot Guy parodies the TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Image VariationsEdit

Psi 02 - Bunny Eye For The Carrot Guy-thumbnail
Card #Psi 02
729 Bunny Eye for the Carrot Guy-thumbnail
Card #0729

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