Bunny on the Edge of Forever
316 Bunny On The Edge Of Forever-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 316
Type Very Special
Background Diagonal Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Orange
◄ Previous Very Large Prune Danish
Next ► Uriel's Machine

Bunny on the Edge of Forever may be used once by a player to force the current player to replay his turn. Essentially a “do-over.”


  • The current player may take the exactly the same actions he took for the first play of his turn. The player of Bunny on the Edge of Forever should take the current player's actions into account when deciding whether to play Bunny on the Edge of Forever. Strategically, it makes the best sense to play Bunny on the Edge of Forever when the outcome of the current player's action has a random element (such as a die roll) that may change upon replay and not when the current player took deterministic actions.


  • Bunny on the Edge of Forever parodies the Star Trek original series episode “City on the Edge of Forever.”
  • The Guardian of Forever is the object that the bunny is jumping into, as Kirk and Spock did in the episode.

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