Carrot Top Casino
066 Carrot Top Casino-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 066, 067
Type Special
Kind P-Card
Background Vertical gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Blue
◄ Previous Poverty Poker
Next ► Free Cabbage!

Carrot Top Casino allows the player to gamble based on how many dice show the same number. He/she rolls the violet, orange, green, yellow, and blue dice.

  • If all of the dice show different numbers, then the player receives 1 carrot and 7 dolla.
  • If two (2) dice show the same number, then the player must feed any of his bunnies 1 cabbage and 1 water immediately.
  • If any three (3) dice show the same number, then one of the player's bunnies gets snuffed by the Casino bosses and is placed into the discard pile.

While Carrot Top Casino requires a bunny in order to play, it is not considered aggressive since it does not affect the player's opponents.


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