The Church Bunny
518 The Church Bunny-thumbnail
The Church Bunny
Quest Card Info
Card ID 518
Type Run
Background Horizontal gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Perfectly Pink
◄ Previous Bunny Gras
Next ► Hendecadruple Lucky Clover

An opponent must retrieve all saved Special and Very Special cards. One at a time, the player chooses a card and asks, “Isn’t that Special?” If the card is Special or Very Special, the opponent loses the card, and the player takes the card and saves it face up on the table as the new owner. The Player continues guessing until a card is chosen that is not a Special (or Very Special). The opponent then replaces all of the originally saved Special (and Very Special) cards back on the table that were down before The Church Bunny was played. If the opponent has less than five cards in hand, replacement cards are drawn immediately.

Instead of the card choosing option described above, a Player may use The Church Bunny once to eliminate the Hostile Pentecostal from anywhere in The Bunny Circle. If this option is chosen, then both The Church Bunny and Hostile Pentecostal are discarded.


  • The player is allowed to save all Special (or Very Special) cards selected even if the cards were not initially saved by the opponent.


  • Church Bunny parodies the Church Lady character portrayed by actor Dana Carvey on the TV sketch show “Saturday Night Live.” One of the character's signature catch-phrases was “Isn't that special?”
  • Church Bunny is one of the non-bunny cards labeled “Bunny” in the game.


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