The Conch
719 Conch-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0719, Omega 04
Type Special
Kind Omega
Background Vertical Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous Go With The Flo
Next ► Lord Of The Bunnies

The Conch may be used once by a player to silence all opponents for two rounds of play. Only the player holding The Conch may speak (and therefore make deals or exchanges of any kind with other players).

The Conch effectively stops all trades of supplies, Kaballa Dolla, saved cards, and bunnies ns for two full rounds of play unless initiated by the player holding the card.


  • only the conch holder may speak
  • The rules are also very serious about the silence. A player who speaks must return a Carrot, or discard a Zodiac or Mysterious Place card for each word spoken. Players without objects must forfeit turns of play.
  • Sadly all power has its limits.Trades made by the conch holder may not be negotiated as silence is the rule they can however be denied, no deal can be made without mutual consent. If the consent or dismissal of the trade is made verbally by any other than the holder of the conch the penalty is still enforced for breaking silence


  • The Conch is a reference to William Golding’s book “Lord of the Flies” which is about a group of school children whose plane crashes on a tropic island and all the adults die, leaving them to fend for themselves. The Conch represents leadership/telling people what to do (or what not to do in this case: talk).
  • The eyeglasses belonged to one of the characters in “Lord of the Flies.” He dropped them and they broke.
  • The palm trees also appear on the Ancient Star Rod and Viva Las Vegas.
  • Most people mispronounce the word conch, but it should be pronounced like konk[1].
  • The Conch is one of the promo cards in the Omega series.
  • Players may decline trades with theThe conch holder so long as it is non-verbal
  • The Conch was released in the Chocolate Booster Deck in a slightly different version.

Image VariationsEdit

Omega 04 - The Conch-thumbnail
Card #Omega 04
719 Conch-thumbnail
Card #0719

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