Cyber Bunny
0054 Cyber Bunny-thumbnail
Cyber Bunny
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0054
Type Run
Kind Roaming Red Run
Dice D12 Violet
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Blue
◄ Previous Black Cat
Next ► Defector Detector

The Cyber Bunny is a Roaming Red Run card that can be played on any bunny in the Bunny Circle, which must roll higher than a 9 on the violet die to survive. The Cyber Bunny then moves clockwise to the next viable target and waits. Each time it becomes the player’s turn who played the Cyber Bunny, it attacks and then moves again.

The Cyber Bunny is removed when either it is defeated with a weapon or there are no more viable targets for it to move on to. If the Cyber Bunny is between two barriers and all viable targets are on the other side, the Cyber Bunny is removed because it cannot reach those targets.


  • Like all Roaming Red Run cards, the Cyber Bunny will change direction when it encounters a Barrier.
  • The Holographic Bunny and bunnies with The Heavenly Halo cannot be harmed by the Cyber Bunny, so it will skip over them.
  • Clovers and horseshoes have no effect against the Cyber Bunny as it is not a weapon.
  • The Cyber Bunny may be attacked using any weapon. The player who played the Cyber Bunny rolls the appropriate die on the Cyber Bunny’s behalf.
  • Weapons that attack a single bunny directed at the Cyber Bunny attack only the Cyber Bunny and not the bunny underneath. Weapons that affect a range of bunnies however attack the bunny underneath the Cyber Bunny with the same strength the Cyber Bunny must face.
  • The Cyber Bunny cannot be abducted by aliens.
  • The player who launched the Cyber Bunny can still be attacked by the Cyber Bunny if the player has any viable bunnies in the Bunny Circle.


  • The Cyber Bunny is one of the non-bunny cards labeled “Bunny” in the game.

Image VariationsEdit

0054 Cyber Bunny-thumbnail
Card #0054
054 Cyber Bunny-thumbnail
Card #054