Defense cards are used to eliminate the effect of a weapon for the player. The number on the defense card(s) must match or exceed the weapon level in order to eliminate the weapon. The player may not receive change if the defense card amount is higher than the weapon level. Defense cards are discarded after one use and may not be used again. Any player may use a defense card at any time either for himself or another player. Defense cards may only be used before a player rolls for the weapon.

When a player uses Defense cards against a multi-target weapon (like the Nuclear Warhead,for example), all of the bunnies belonging to that player are protected by the player’s use of defense (again using the Nuclear Warhead example, 12 Defense units will protect all of a player’s bunnies: it is not necessary to play 12 defense units for each bunny). Defense cards protect only one player’s bunnies from harm. Adjacent players may still be affected by the weapon but those adjacent players may, if they have the ability, use their own defense cards against a multi-target weapon.

Weapons may be increased in strength by a card such as The Minilith, or diminished in strength due to distance from the target bunny which is the case with the Miniature Black Hole. Regardless of any modification or circumstance, weapons can only be eliminated using defense cards that match or exceed their original value.


Defense-Related CardsEdit