Deluxe Edition
Deluxe Box-thumbnail
Deck Info
Cards 0001-0770
Features Bunnies, Carrots, Cabbage, Water, Defense, Specialty Bunnies, Pawns, Zodiac, Half-Color Bunnies, Ranks, Colored Chips, Vouchers, Mysterious Places, Yellow Ball with the Red Stripe
Dice D12 VioletD12 OrangeD12 GreenD12 YellowD12 BlueD12 BlackD12 RedD20 ClearD12 ZodiacD12 WhiteD12 Pink
Pawns Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, White, Pink

In 2012, a Kickstarter campaign was launched to fund creation of a special Deluxe Edition of Quest for the Magic Carrot. The Deluxe Edition includes all 770 numbered large cards, 94 small cards, 11 dice, 9 pawns, 27 chips, 4 red card stands, 2 clear card stands, an actual Yellow Ball with the Red Stripe, Bunny Blanks with stickers, the Quest Fan Deck, 4 special play mats, and a deluxe Rulebook that contains the rules and all the Bunny Bits. The backs of the cards retain the original colors to allow for inclusion of only those Booster Decks desired for play, but they were redesigned with a sunburst design.

Booster DecksEdit