Most cards are discarded once they are used, or the player chooses not to use the card and discards it instead. Most cards are discarded into a general discard pile, though some cards must be discarded in separate piles to facilitate easier transactions in the shops. All discard piles should be face-up. If the draw pile runs out before the game ends, all discard piles are combined and reshuffled to form a new draw pile.

Kaballa DollasEdit

When a player spends Kaballa Dolla cards, they are placed in the Kaballa Dolla discard pile near the shops. Other players may make change from the Kaballa Dolla discard pile if it contains the necessary cards. Since the Random Dolla card is not for a specific number of dollas, it is not useful in making change and can be placed in the general discard pile.


If Rooney's Weapons Emporium is in the game (generally it will be if the Red Booster Deck is included), any used weapon cards are placed in the Weapon discard pile next to Rooney's Weapons Emporium. If the player cannot attack with the weapon card due to not having a bunny or simply decides not to because the weapon is likely to wipe out the entire Bunny Circle, the card was not used and goes in the general discard pile. 50/50 weapons and Mob Hit cannot be purchased from Rooney's Weapons Emporium, so are always placed in the general discard pile.


If Weil's Pawn Shop is in the game (generally it will be if the Orange Booster Deck is included), any bunnies that die are placed in the Bunny discard pile next to Weil's Pawn Shop.

Small CardsEdit

Cabbage, water, and defense cards should each have their own discard pile. Players may make change when spending cabbage or water to feed a bunny if the necessary cards are in the discard pile. Defense cards cannot be partially used, so players may not make change from that discard pile. When the draw pile runs out for cabbage, water, or defense cards, the corresponding discard pile is shuffled and turned face-down as the new draw pile.

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