The Djarnak
717 Djarnak-thumbnail
The Djanak
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0717, Omega 02
Type Run
Background Horizontal gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous Bunny's Eleven
Next ► Go With The Flo

The Djarnak is a run card that is placed between two adjacent players and prevents those players from playing aggressive cards against one another. However a weapon that affects adjacent bunnies may have an effect on these bunnies.


  • The Djarnak May be eliminated if a barrier is placed over it.


  • The Djarnak is an actual sculpture on the Rutgers University Busch campus. It is called “Split and Twisted”[1].
  • The college had a naming contest and Jeff submitted the name ‘The Djarnak,’ but it didn’t win so he made this card (17 years later). 


Image VariationsEdit

Omega 02 - The Djarnak-thumbnail
Card #Omega 02
717 Djarnak-thumbnail
Card #0717

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