Dr. Xavi-Hare
734 Dr. Xavi-Hare-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0734, Psi 07
Type Special
Kind Blue Arrow Psi
Background Diagonal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Chocolate
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Dr. Xavi-Hare may be used once by a Player to predict who will launch the next Weapon and who will choose the next Carrot. If correct, the predicting Player will control the target bunny for the Weapon and take the Carrot for himself.

  • The predicting Player must write down the name of the player who he believes will launch the next Weapon. That player may be himself. A valid weapon launch must target a bunny. A Weapon that is revealed and discarded does not count as a weapon launch. A Weapon that is revealed and eliminated (perhaps by the Magic Spatula) before a bunny can be targeted does not count as a weapon launch.
  • In order for any player to launch a Weapon, he must have a bunny in The Bunny Circle, reveal a Weapon card and announce a target. At this time, if the predicting Player chose the correct player, then he may move the Weapon from the target bunny to any other bunny. The predicting Player may also discard the Weapon if he wishes.
  • The predicting Player must also write down the name of the player who he believes will choose the next Carrot from Kaballa’s Market. Again, that player may be himself. A valid Carrot choosing is any card that allows a player to choose from available Carrots at Kaballa's Market (such as Choose a Carrot cards or Supplies Surprise). Cards such as Carrot Thief! do not allow a player to choose which Carrot he will take and are not valid. The last Carrot taken (or purchased) from Kaballa’s Market is not valid either since the player had no choice. If the predicting Player made the correct prediction, then he may take the Carrot for himself.
  • Keep in mind that if the predicting Player himself is the first person to launch a weapon or to choose a Carrot, then no advantage is earned with this card.


  • Dr. Xavi-Hare parodies the character Professor Charles Francis Xavier, the leader of the X-Men.

Image VariationsEdit

734 Dr. Xavi-Hare-thumbnail
Card #0734
Psi 07 Dr. Xavi-Hare-thumbnail
Card #Psi 07

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