Dragon of Doom
0825 Dragon of Doom-thumbnail
Conquest Card Info
Card ID 0825
Type Roaming Red Run
Dice D12 Violet
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Blue
◄ Previous Deep Sleep Nine (Conquest)
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Dragon of Doom may be placed on any bunny which must roll higher than 9 to survive. Since it is a Roaming Red Run card, Dragon Of Doom will attack one bunny per round of play (traveling in a clockwise direction) in The Bunny Circle. Any bunny attacked must roll higher than 9 on the Violet 12-sided die to survive. Dragon Of Doom is not a weapon and cannot be subjugated by using Lucky Horseshoe cards or Defense Cards (Red Booster Deck).

After the attack, Dragon Of Doom moves to the next viable bunny target and waits until the next round of play. Dragon Of Doom can attack the same bunny more than once during its time in The Bunny Circle. When Dragon Of Doom encounters a Barrier (Red Booster Deck), it will change direction and could easily attack the same bunny twice (on consecutive turns).

Dragon Of Doom itself may be attacked and eliminated using any Weapon card. The player who launched Dragon Of Doom rolls for its defense against a Weapon card even if the same player also launched the weapon. During play, Dragon Of Doom will be waiting on top of a bunny (the next viable bunny target). If a weapon is designed to attack a single bunny, then a player may direct it onto Dragon Of Doom, or the bunny underneath, but not both. If the weapon is a range weapon (such as Googol Plexing or Terminators), then both Dragon Of Doom and the bunny underneath are affected equally (whether they were the direct target of the weapon or within the weapon’s range).

If Dragon Of Doom has no viable bunny targets left in The Bunny Circle, then it is discarded. A bunny with Angel Wings would be an example of a non-viable bunny target since it cannot be killed by Dragon Of Doom. If Dragon Of Doom is confined to an area of The Bunny Circle by two or more Barriers (Red Booster Deck) and cannot reach a viable bunny target on the other side, then it is removed (discarded).


  • The Dragon of Doom in Conquest is essentially a reprint of the Cyber Bunny in Quest.
  • Dragon of Doom may be a reference to Dungeons and Dragons (and most associated fantasy games since) where doom dragons are purple.