Everyone Feed a Bunny
505 Everyone Feed A Bunny 2-2-thumbnail
Everyone Feed a Bunny 2/2
Quest Card Info
Card ID 176, 231, 505
Type Run
Kind Feed the Bunny
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Red
◄ Previous Feed All Your Bunnies
Next ► Suction Cup

Everyone Feed a Bunny is a form of a Feed the Bunny card. It is played on all opponents who have a bunny, who must each feed one of their bunnies the amount shown by the end of their next turn or have them die of starvation. The player does not need to feed a bunny. Each opponent chooses which bunny to feed, and may choose the Holographic Bunny or a bunny protected by The Heavenly Halo, which never need to feed. Only bunnies in the Bunny Circle at the time the card was played need to feed. See feeding for more details.


There are Everyone Feed a Bunny cards in varying amounts:

Red Booster DeckEdit

176 1 cabbage, 1 water

Violet Booster DeckEdit

231 3 cabbage, 3 water

Perfectly Pink Booster DeckEdit

505 2 cabbage, 2 water


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