Extra Super Bunnies are Super Bunnies with extra powers. In addition to the powers of Super Bunnies - automatically counting as a triplet, rolling the 20-sided die for all weapons, and killing all other bunnies of the same color - each Extra Super Bunny also has all the powers of the Red or Pink Bunnies, depending upon its own color.

Extra Super Red Extra Super Pink
3 Dolla each turn
3 Cabbage & 3 Water each turn
3 Lucky Clovers
Dice Re-Roll Priviledge
Bounce-Back Forcefield
5 Dolla each turn
5 Cabbage & 5 Water each turn
5 Lucky Clovers
Dice Substitution Priviledge
Bounce-Away Forcefield


  • Extra Super Bunnies cannot be cloned.
  • Blanch cannot be used to remove the color from an Extra Super Bunny

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