Extra Super Red
615 Extra Super Red-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 615
Type Extra Super
Background Stainless Steel Pattern
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Ominous Onyx
◄ Previous Rygel, d’Argo & John
Next ► Extra Super Pink

Extra Super Red Bunnies give a player the advantages of Super Bunnies and all of the “special features” of Red bunnies. The Super Bunny features available to the Extra Super Bunny include:

  • The Player with an Extra Super Red Bunny down in The Bunny Circle may automatically play two cards per turn. When an Extra Super Bunny is attacked with a weapon card (levels ‘01’ through ‘12’), the Player may roll the d20 regardless of the Weapon Level.
  • When an Extra Super Red Bunny is placed down, all bunnies in The Bunny Circle that are the same color (or half-color) as the Extra Super Bunny are immediately eliminated (unless they are carrying The Heavenly Halo). Until the Extra Super Bunny itself is eliminated, no bunny of the same color (or half-color) can survive in The Bunny Circle.

Once an Extra Super Red Bunny has been eliminated, it cannot be purchased from Weil's Pawn Shop nor can it be brought back into the game for any reason using any card. In addition, Extra Super Bunnies cannot be cloned, boosted (or better boosted), paintballed, blanched, or fingercuffed. The Red bunny “special features” available to the Extra Super Red Bunny include:

  • Red Congenial Bunny – has three cabbage and three water (only available to feed itself)
  • Red Gleeful Bunny – has three Dolla of credit each turn (may not be accumulated or stockpiled)
  • Red Lumbering Bunny – has three Lucky Clover
  • Red Sinister Bunny – has a Bounce-Back Force Field
  • Red Timid Bunny – has re-roll capability. A Player who owns the Extra Super Red Bunny cannot force another player to re-roll any dice. A Player who owns a Extra Super Red Bunny may only re-roll his own dice rolls.

The Extra Super Red Bunny does not eliminate the Holographic Bunny (if in play) nor prevent the Holographic Bunny from being placed in The Bunny Circle.

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