Feed All Your Bunnies
504 Feed All Your Bunnies 2-2-thumbnail
Feed All Your Bunnies 2/2
Quest Card Info
Card ID 175, 230, 504
Type Run
Kind Feed the Bunny
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Red
◄ Previous Red Timid Bunny
Next ► Everyone Feed a Bunny

Feed All Your Bunnies is a form of a Feed the Bunny card. It is played on any opponent who must feed all his/her bunnies the amount shown by the end of his/her turn or have them die of starvation. If the opponent gains any more bunnies between Feed All Your Bunnies being played and the end of his/her turn, those new bunnies do not need to be fed. See feeding for more details.


There are Feed All Your Bunnies cards in varying amounts:

Red Booster DeckEdit

175 1 cabbage, 1 water

Violet Booster DeckEdit

230 3 cabbage, 3 water

Perfectly Pink Booster DeckEdit

504 2 cabbage, 2 water


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