Carrot #04
0106 Carrot -04 - Flo-thumbnail
Card Info
Card ID 0106
Type Carrot
Background Vertical Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Blue
◄ Previous Hikaru
Next ► Remington


  • A player may use Go With The Flo to exchange any saved Special or Very Special cards for Flo.
  • As an optional rule (“Fantastic Flo,” rule #7 of the serious rules for serious players), The player holding Flo is entitled to one free feeding per game (Flo is holding a Large Prune Danish). If Flo switches hands after the feeding has been used, the new player may not reuse the feeding.


  • Flo is based on the character Flo from the 1970s TV show Alice.
  • Go With The Flo also references TV series Alice.

Image VariationsEdit

0106 Carrot -04 - Flo-thumbnail
Card #0106
106 Carrot -04 - Flo-thumbnail
Card #106