Four Kri'tons
042 Four Kri'tons-thumbnail
Jupiter Card Info
Card ID 042
Type Run
Dice Jupiter d6-VioletJupiter d8-orangeJupiter d10-greenJupiter d12-yellowJupiter d16-blueJupiter d20-RedD12 BlackD12 Pink
Background Green
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Deep Blue
◄ Previous Drought
Next ► Hull Breach

Players may roll each die up to four times. If at least four dice roll the number 04 (or numbers that contain a 4, such as 14), then the player may spend up to 40 Cosmic Cash at any open store. (Until later booster decks are released, the only store available is ZIDS.) If all stores are closed, then the player is out of luck, and may not save the Cosmic Cash for later use.


  • The left-most Kryton[1] is from the Star Trek (The Original Series) episode "Elaan Of Troyius".
  • The middle is Jon Crichton[2] from Farscape.
  • The one on the right is Kryten[3] from Red Dwarf.
  • The robot in the back is Crichton[4] from Buck Rogers.
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