Gorge the Bunny
127 Gorge The Bunny 10-10-thumbnail
Gorge the Bunny 10/10
Quest Card Info
Card ID 127
Type Run
Kind Feed the Bunny
Background Vertical Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Yellow
◄ Previous Violet Timid Bunny
Next ► Sling Shot

Gorge the Bunny is identical to a Feed the Bunny card except that it requires larger amounts of cabbage and water. Feed the Bunny cards are somewhat like weapons in that they are used to eliminate opponents' bunnies by being played on a bunny in the Bunny Circle. Rather than taking effect immediately, the bunny dies of starvation if not fed the amounts of cabbage and water listed on the card by the end of its owner's next turn. See feeding for more details.

A hungry bunny still allows its owner to play aggressive cards. If another player wants to decrease the chance that a hungry bunny will be able to feed enough to avoid starvation, additional Feed the Bunny cards may be played on the same bunny.


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