Grabthar's Hammer
0814 Grabthar's Hammer-thumbnail
Weapon Level 09
Conquest Card Info
Card ID 0814
Type Run
Kind Weapon
Dice D12 Black
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Blue
◄ Previous Servo Pen
Next ► Kamikaze Kitt

Grabthar's Hammer is a level 09 weapon. When placed on a bunny, the owner of that bunny must roll the black die. The weapon kills the bunny unless the roll is higher than the weapon level. Lucky Clover, Lucky Horseshoe, and defense cards can help the bunny to survive.


  • Grabthar's Hammer references Galaxy Quest, a movie in which the character Dr. Lazarus [1](played by in-movie actor Alexander Dane, in turn played by Alan Rickman) recites the phrase "By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged!"
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