Happy Scrappy Hero Pup
482 Happy Scrappy Hero Pup-thumbnail
Happy Scrappy Hero Pup
Quest Card Info
Card ID 482
Type Very Special
Background Diagonal gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Stainless Steel
◄ Previous Every Cloud
Next ► Temporal Flux

Happy Scrappy Hero Pup may be used once to immediately fetch (return) any carrot that was taken or stolen from any player (even if such a carrot was given away willingly).



  • “Amb. G’Kar” is short for “Ambassador G’Kar,” a character from the TV show Babylon 5.
  • “Amb. G’Kar” is Jeff Bellinger’s dog, who is pictured.
  • “Happy Scrappy Hero Pup” is an in-universe movie that a child wants to rent from the RST Video in the Kevin Smith movie “Clerks.”


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