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High Rollers
Phi 03 High Rollers-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID Phi 03
Type Run
Dice D12 BlueD12 GreenD12 OrangeD12 VioletD12 YellowD12 BlackD12 RedD12 Pink
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Quest Fan Deck
◄ Previous Guardin' Gnome
Next ► Make It Sow

May be used once by a player to choose a Carrot if he can stack all eight 12-sided dice in 12 seconds.


  • High Rollers may be used once by a player to choose a Carrot if he/she can stack all eight 12-sided dice in 12 seconds or less. No opponent is allowed to physically or verbally disrupt the player. But there are more than eight 12-sided dice! True, but the white die can only be used by the person with The White Stuff to replace another roll, and the Zodiac die has a specific use. The Bunny Bits don't specify the penalty if an opponent disrupts the player during the attempt.


  • High Rollers[1] parodies an NBC game show of the same name. The show ran off and on from 1974 to 1980, and was hosted by Alex Trebek.
  1. High Rollers at US Game Shows Wikia

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