Hostile Pentecostal
460 Hostile Pentecostal-thumbnail
Hostile Pentecostal
Quest Card Info
Card ID 460
Type Roaming Red Run
Background Horizontal gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Stainless Steel
◄ Previous Ground Zero
Next ► Decadruple Lucky Clover

Hostile Pentecostal may be played on any bunny which must roll higher than ‘15’ to survive. Hostile Pentecostal continues by attacking one bunny per round, clockwise, around The Bunny Circle.


  • Hostile Pentecostal can attack the same bunny more than once during its time in The Bunny Circle.
  • Hostile Pentecostal is not a weapon and cannot be countered by using Lucky Clover (concept) or Defense cards.
  • If Hostile Pentecostal is alone in The Bunny Circle (or a portion of The Bunny Circle separated by Barriers) with no viable bunny targets, then it is discarded. A bunny with The Heavenly Halo would be an example of a non-viable bunny target since it cannot be killed by Hostile Pentecostal. Hostile Pentecostal itself may be attacked and eliminated using any weapon card.
  • Hostile Pentecostal may be killed using any weapon.
  • Here’s how an attack is conducted on Hostile Pentecostal: During play, Hostile Pentecostal will be waiting on top of a bunny (to attack it). A player may direct a Weapon card onto Hostile Pentecostal, or the player may choose to attack the bunny underneath. If the weapon is designed to attack a single bunny, then it can be used against either Hostile Pentecostal or the bunny underneath, but not both. The Player who launched Hostile Pentecostal rolls for its defense against a weapon card, even if the same player also launched the weapon. If the weapon is a range weapon (such as Miniature Black Hole or Chocolate Covered Anti-Matter Raisins), then both Hostile Pentecostal and the bunny underneath are affected equally (whether they were the direct target or within the weapon’s range). If the weapon wanders from one bunny to another (such as Snowball or Ebola Virus), then Hostile Pentecostal will roll before the bunny underneath.
  • Church Bunny may be used to eliminate Hostile Pentecostal


  • The nun also appears on O-75.
  • The twins also appear on Gemini.