Jay is Okay
1052 - Jay is Okay-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID Theta 07, 1052
Type Run
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Quest Fan Deck
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May only be used once by a player whose first name starts with the letter J to take one Carrot, one Weapon and one bunny from Kaballa, Rooney and Weil.



  • The Blue Jay is a bird native to North America. It is predominately blue with a white chest and under parts, and a blue crest. It has a black, U-shaped collar around its neck and a black border behind the crest.
  • This is one of twelve cards that were created by special backers of the 2012 Killer Bunnies Deluxe Kickstarter campaign. This card was inspired by Joseph Feurtado (whose name happens to start with the letter J).

Image VariationsEdit

Theta 07 Jay is Okay-thumbnail
Card #Theta 07
1052 - Jay is Okay-thumbnail
Card #1052