Kentucky Avenue
0959 Kentucky Avenue-thumbnail
Conquest Card Info
Card ID 959
Type Run
Dice D12 VioletD12 OrangeD12 GreenD12 YellowD12 BlueD12 BlackD12 Red
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Red
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Kentucky Avenue may be used once by a player to roll each of the 12-sided dice (Violet, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red and Pink (Perfectly Pink Booster Deck)) up to three times. Favorable numbers that are rolled may be saved while other dice are re-rolled. If a 1 – 0 – 5 – 0 is rolled on any four of the dice, then the player may re-position any Red (or half Red) bunny in The Bunny Circle. A roll of 10 on any 12-sided die will represent a 0. The player may essentially steal any Red bunny in The Bunny Circle and give it to any other player (most likely himself, but he may be generous and give it to a friend).


  • Kentucky Avenue is a space on the board in the game Monopoly.