KinderBunnies: Their First Adventure! is a child-friendly version of Killer Bunnies: The Quest for the Magic Carrot. As in its predecessor, players play bunnies of various colors. They maintain their bunnies by feeding them cabbage and water and trying to avoid Safety Hazards while collecting as many Carrots as possible in hopes of ending up with the Magic Carrot at the end of the game.


Kinder Bunnies Logo


The full KinderBunnies game comes complete in one box with the Sky Blue Starter Deck, which requires little to no reading, and the slightly advanced Sunshine Yellow Booster Deck. No further boosters are expected to be released.

Moreover, owners of Quest or its sequel, Conquest, can add their KinderBunnies cards into the adult game, and a handful of cards from later expansions anticipate this, e.g. Cairo Practor.


  • Kinder in KinderBunnies: Their First Adventure! is pronounced like kindergarten, though Creative Team Alpha is fine with it being pronounced as in be kind, rewind."[1]
  1. MagicCarrot Message Board post by user cbarrie

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