008 Sporty Bunny-thumbnail

Green Sporty Bunny -- note the bow in her ears.

Kinder bunnies are Bunnies that were included in KinderBunnies: Their First Adventure!, the child-friendly version of Quest for the Magic Carrot. Because KinderBunnies can be mixed into Quest or Conquest of the Magic Carrot games, various cards in the full games specifically reference or apply to kinder bunnies. Dago Bunny, Baby Bunnies On Board, and Cairo Practor are examples.

057 Perky Bunny-thumbnail

Yellow Perky Bunny

There are four types of basic kinder bunnies: Hero Bunny, Perky Bunny, Smart Bunny, and Sporty Bunny. These bunnies come in each of five colors. The KinderBunnies Sky Blue Starter Deck included a version of each kinder bunny in blue, green, orange, and violet, while the Sunshine Yellow Booster Deck, included in the box with the Sky Blue Starter, added yellow kinder bunnies. The Sunshine Yellow Deck also added one additional kinder, the red Adventure Bunny who is immune to Safety Hazards.

One interesting feature of the kinder bunnies is that they have gender -- girl kinders have bows in their ears while the boys do not. The Quest card Beauty On Duty recognizes this distinction and can only apply to female kinders. Different colored versions of the basic bunnies have different genders. For instance, the blue, orange, and violet hero bunnies are boys, while green and yellow are girls. Other types of kinder bunnies have boys and girls in a different mix of colors.

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