041 Sword-thumbnail
043 Torus Ring-thumbnail
032 Green Gelatin (with Evil Pineapple Chunks)-thumbnail
131 Sea Whiz Mount-thumbnail
182 Quite Irascible Diffractable Cheese Balls-thumbnail
236 Earthquake-thumbnail
292 F-18 Hornet-thumbnail
347 7th Whisk-thumbnail
403 Mob Hit-thumbnail
455 Sharks WFLB-thumbnail
512 Bunny Gump Shrimp-thumbnail
561 Baseball Blues-thumbnail
This is a list of the all the weapons sorted by Booster Decks.

For a list of the weapons sorted alphabetically click here .

For a list of the weapons sorted by type click here .

For a list of the weapons sorted by level click here .

Blue Starter DeckEdit

Boiling Tar

Bow and Arrow

624 Ten Foot Pole-thumbnail

Butcher's Cleaver


Flame Thrower

Fluorine Gas

Food Processor

Green Gelatin (with evil pineapple chunks)


Ice Pick

Kitchen Whisk

Laser Gun

Nuclear Warhead



The Ebola Virus

The Trojan Bunny

Torus Ring

Yellow Booster DeckEdit

Loose Stalactite

Miniature Black Hole


Sea Whiz Mount

Sling Shot

Stray Asteroid

Red Booster DeckEdit


Cruise Missile Prime

Grappling Hook


Quite Irascible Diffractible Cheese Balls

Suction Cup

Violet Booster DeckEdit

Chocolate Covered Anti-Matter Raisins

Crow Bar

Curry Spiced Poppadoms

Ear Screws


Steel Jaws

Orange Booster DeckEdit



F-18 Hornet

Mons Meg

Plutonium Radiation

Radio Controlled Piranha

Torque Rings

Green Booster DeckEdit

7th Whisk


Liquid Nitrogen



Twilight White Booster DeckEdit

Ang-Strung Tennis Racket

Anode Anomaly

Dueling Grandmothers

Mob Hit

Potentially Poisonous Plant Spores

Psychic Waves

Rocket Exhaust

Stainless Steel Booster DeckEdit

Acid Rain

Explosive Bolts

Flying Fritters

Cylon Staple Gun

Sharks WFLB

Perfectly Pink Booster DeckEdit

Bunny Gump Shrimp

Fertile Turtle

Leaky Tiki Torch

Necro Fasci 

Poison Cups


Wood Chipper

Wacky Khaki Booster DeckEdit

Baby Velociraptors

Baseball Blues

Condition Y-Z

Liberty Daze

Ominous Onyx Booster DeckEdit


Hare Pulling

Ten Foot Pole

Weather Vain

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