The Lonely Ranger
576 The Lonely Ranger-thumbnail
The Lonely Ranger
Quest Card Info
Card ID 576
Type Roaming Red Run
Background Flat
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Wacky Khaki
◄ Previous Locked In
Next ► Dodecadruple Lucky Clover

The Lonely Ranger is a Blue bunny that roams the board counter-clockwise (at the end of the placing player’s next turn) and belongs to a new player every round.


  • The Lonely Ranger must be placed in The Bunny Circle in front of each player as it roams (but the position of The Lonely Ranger among other bunnies of each player is at the discretion of the player).
  • When killed, The Lonely Ranger is placed in Weil’s Pawn Shop and may be purchased as any other bunny could be purchased.


  • The Lonely Ranger parodies The Lone Ranger.


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