Specialty Bunny
720 Lord of the Bunnies-thumbnail
Lord Of The Bunnies
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0720, Omega 05
Type Run
Kind Bunny
Background Diagonal Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous The Conch
Next ► Number Six

Lord Of The Bunnies is a Semi-Super Specialty Bunny, and counts as a triplet when it is placed down in the Bunny Circle.


  • No Specialty Bunny card may be placed in The Bunny Circle until the Lord Of The Bunnies is eliminated.
  • Unlike other Super Bunnies, the owner of this card may not roll the twenty-sided die for weapons with levels (01 – 12).
  • A Specialty Bunny that has Heavenly Halo is not eliminated from The Bunny Circle. If The Heavenly Halo is placed on the Lord Of The Bunnies, then all Specialty Bunnies arriving in The Bunny Circle are safe (not discarded).
  • Lord Of The Bunnies cannot be bought back from the market.


  • Lord Of The Bunnies parodies The Lord Of The Rings.

Image VariationsEdit

720 Lord of the Bunnies-thumbnail
Card #0720
Omega 05 - Lord Of The Bunnies-thumbnail
Card #Omega 05

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