Meteor Rocks
735 Meteor Rocks-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0735, Psi 08
Type Run
Kind Yellow Kite Psi
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Chocolate
◄ Previous Dr. Xavi-Hare
Next ► Horton Hates A Who

Meteor Rocks may be placed on any Super, Extra Super, or Semi-Super Bunny in The Bunny Circle which loses all of its “special features” and becomes a regular bunny of the same color or type. A player will place this card underneath a Super (or Extra Super or Semi-Super) Bunny in The Bunny Circle to remind all players that it is has become a regular bunny. The “special features” that Super, Extra Super, or Semi-Super bunnies may lose are:

  • Eliminating all other bunnies of the same color (or half color) or classification from The Bunny Circle.
  • Automatically playing two cards each turn.
  • Rolling the Clear 20-sided die for weapons with levels ‘01’ - ‘12’.
  • All Red and Pink “special features.”


  • A bunny that is abducted by the Beyea Aliens (Area 51 or Mothership) will have the Meteor Rocks card removed (discarded). If the bunny returns to The Bunny Circle, then it will have its special features again.


  • Meteor Rocks parodies the comic book character Superman, who grows weak when exposed to fragments of rock from his home planet of Krypton. In the Superman saga, this kryptonite falls to Earth as debris (meteor rocks) from the explosion that destroyed Krypton.
  • The small town's welcome sign's design is an homage to the Superman comic book titles, which used a similar style for decades.
  • The watertower being hit by a meteor is also seen on Bonanza.

Image VariationsEdit

735 Meteor Rocks-thumbnail
Card #0735
Psi 08 Meteor Rocks-thumbnail
Card #Psi 08

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