The Minilith
0147 - The Minilith-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 0147
Type Special
Background Flat
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Yellow
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The player with this card saved must double the range and level of each weapon he launches. Only weapon levels 1-9 are affected by The Minilith. Weapons affect the target bunny and adjacent bunnies. Doubling the level may make it nearly impossible for an opponent to survive a weapon.

For example, if a player with The Minilith card saved plays the Flame Thrower (Weapon Level 8) on a bunny in The Bunny Circle, then all three bunnies affected would need to roll higher than 16 on the Black 12-sided die to survive (which is not possible). It is, however, possible for any bunny to have enough Lucky Clovers underneath it to survive.

  • If at any time the player has no bunnies in The Bunny Circle, then The Minilith is discarded immediately. This is indicated by the Pink circle covering the Pink rectangular box. Players cannot save this Special without a bunny in The Bunny Circle. Remember, to save a Special card, a player must run it through the Bottom and Top Run card cycle.
  • A player may not choose which weapons will be affected. If a player has The Minilith saved, then all of the weapons levels 1-9 that he uses will be affected. A player may, however, discard The Minilith at any time during his turn.



  • A level 6 - 9 weapon boosted by The Minilith will automatically kill three bunnies unless they have enough clover or defense, or can defend with the clear twenty-sided die, as a roll higher than 12 is impossible with the black die.


  • The Minilith resembles the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which spurred the evolution of the human race whenever discovered by humans or their predecessors.

Image VariationsEdit

147 The Minilith-thumbnail
Card #147
0147 - The Minilith-thumbnail
Card #0147