The Minilith
147 The Minilith-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 147
Type Special
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Yellow
◄ Previous Free Cabbage & Water!
Next ► Noah's Flood!

When placed down and saved, The Minilith affects all level 01 - 09 weapons played by the player. These weapons now attack with double strength and affect the target bunny as well as adjacent bunnies. Weapons level 10 and higher are not affected by The Minilith. If the doubled strength is higher than 12, that does not give the targeted player the ability to defend with the clear twenty-sided die, though that ability may still be gained through other means. The player may not choose to play an affected weapon ignoring The Minilith’s effects, but may discard The Minilith before playing the weapon to cancel its effects. If at any time the player has no bunnies down in the Bunny Circle, then The Minilith must be discarded.


  • Activate: The Minilith allows a player to steal the Minilith or force its owner to risk losing bunnies and / or carrots.
  • The doubling effect of The Minilith does not increase the amount of defense required to eliminate a weapon for a player. For example a level 05 weapon is doubled in strength to 10, but only requires 5 defense to eliminate.


  • A level 06 - 09 weapon boosted by The Minilith will automatically kill three bunnies unless they have enough clover or defense, or can defend with the clear twenty-sided die, as a roll higher than 12 is impossible with the black die.


The Minilith resembles the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, which spurred the evolution of the human race whenever discovered by humans or their predecessors.

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