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Cards Nu 01 - Nu 12
Features Specialty Bunnies, Literary References
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Nu was the third set of Promo cards released for Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. All the cards in the Nu series are literary references because the series was originally included in a special printing for Barnes & Noble. The set consisted of twelve large cards.

Large Cards Edit

Nu 01 Specialty Bunny (Single) - Bunny White
Nu 02 Specialty Bunny (Double) - Interview With The Bunnies
Nu 03 Specialty Bunny (Triplet) - The Bunnies Twain
Nu 04 Atlas Shrugged
Nu 05 Even Stephen Odd Todd
Nu 06 Journey To the Center of the Circle
Nu 07 Red October
Nu 08 Scarlet Letter
Nu 09 A Tale Of Two Bunnies
Nu 10 Through The Looking Glass
Nu 11 23 Skidoo
Nu 12 W Is For Whammy!

The Nu series was the last of the three promo series reprinted in the Chocolate Booster Deck, in this case as #740-751. The reprinted cards had a Greek letter Nu added to the bullet in the top left of the card. Additionally, the reprinted version of Nu 11 had the title written out as Twenty-Three Skidoo.

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