Orbital Missile Platform
0962 Orbital Missile Platform-thumbnail
Conquest Card Info
Card ID 0962
Type Roaming Red Run
Dice D12 BlueD12 Red
Background Horizontal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Red
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Since it is a Roaming Red Run card, Orbital Missile Platform will attack one player every round of play (traveling in a counter-clockwise direction) in The Bunny Circle. As Orbital Missile Platform travels from one player to the next, the player’s bunny that has the highest Card Identification Number is the direct target of the attack. The bunny attacked by Orbital Missile Platform must roll higher than 9 on either of the 12-sided dice (Blue and Red) to survive and adjacent bunnies in The Bunny Circle must roll higher than 8 on either of the 12-sided dice (Blue and Red) to survive.

Adjacent bunnies to the target bunny may belong to the same player of his opponents. After the attack, Orbital Missile Platform moves to the next player counter-clockwise and waits until the next round of play. If the next player has not bunnies in The Bunny Circle, then Orbital Missile Platform does not attack. When Orbital Missile Platform encounters a Barrier, it will change direction and attack the same player on consecutive turns.

Orbital Missile Platform may be immediately eliminated (discarded) anytime during an attack that a player rolls the same number on both 12-side dice (Blue and Red) without incurring any damage to the bunny.