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There are approximately 20 unique cards in Quest for the Magic Carrot that have the letter "P" running through the background pattern. These cards are called P-Cards, which means that if the player who played the card has the Pawn of the same color, then the player may either immediately use the card a second time or save it to use again. Each Pawn, except the White Pawn which must be given a color when a player takes it, has at least one P-Card associated with it.

List of P-CardsEdit

Pawn Color Quest Cards Conquest Cards
Black Anode Anomaly
Baseball Blues
Condition Y/Z
Drazi Feud
Dueling Grandmothers
Fertile Turtle
Poison Cups
Blue Supplies Surprise
Super Supplies Surprise
Blue Plate Special
Green Carrot Top Casino
Carrot Top Royale
Orange Magic Fountain
Incredibly Magic Fountain
Pink Bingo Flamingo
Red Mad, Mad Donnelaith Bakery
Monumentally Mad Donnelaith Bakery
Violet Large Prune Danish
Very Large Prune Danish
Yellow H. E. M. P.
Heavenly Halo Handoff

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