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Paradise Syndrome
528 Paradise Syndrome-thumbnail
Paradise Syndrome
Quest Card Info
Card ID 528
Type Special
Kind Weapon Level 12
Background Vertical Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Perfectly Pink
◄ Previous Bingo Flamingo
Next ► Day Old Bread

All Roaming Red Run cards will skip the player with Paradise Syndrome saved and move on to the next player or the next player’s bunnies. If at any time the player has no bunnies down, then Paradise Syndrome is discarded.


  • All Roaming Red Run cards already placed on the player (or bunnies) are immediately discarded from the game. Paradise Syndrome may only be used to deter Roaming Red Run cards if it is a saved Special card.
  • If Japanese Rabbit Trap is also on the player, Paradise Syndrome takes precedence.
  • Paradise Syndrome may also be used once (and immediately) to eliminate Stray Asteroid, but only if the weapon (or its effect) threatens a bunny or bunnies that are owned by the holder of the card.
  • Paradise Syndrome may only be used to eliminate Stray Asteroid if it is a saved Special card.


  • Paradise Syndrome is named after the Star Trek episode “Paradise Syndrome”.
  • The Star Trek episode “Paradise Syndrome” featured a space-based asteroid deflector to protect the peaceful, nomadic, indigenous people on the planet, which is shown on the card by the beam hitting the asteroid.
  • The Star Trek episode “Paradise Syndrome” featured an obelisk similar to the one the bunny is shown standing near. In the episode, Kirk stood in front of the obelisk in a similar way.
  • The Star Trek episode “Paradise Syndrome” also featured a population that was similar to Native Americans in their clothing and rituals. The bunny is shown wearing similar clothing.


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