Colored Pawns are introduced in the Orange Booster Deck as a new supply sold in a new shop, Weil's Pawn Shop, for either 3, 5, or 7 dollas depending on shop prices. Six pawns come with the orange booster deck with more added later. A player with a pawn has 3 advantages:

  1. A pawn counts as a bunny of its same color in terms of forming colored bunny triplets. Since it is not an actual bunny though it does not allow the player to play aggressive cards or win the game — an actual live bunny is still required for that. As there are no black bunnies, the black pawn does not provide this advantage.
  2. A pawn allows the player to re-roll the die of the same color. This only applies when the player is instructed to roll a specific die, so cannot be used when the player chooses which die to roll, as in Defector Detector. The re-roll is cumulative with the effect of a Red Timid Bunny, so if a player has both the red timid bunny and the correct color pawn he/she may roll the die up to three times. All re-rolls are optional, so if the player is successful with the first roll there is usually no reason to roll again.
  3. A pawn allows the player to use p-cards a second time if the background of the card is the same color as the pawn. When a special p-card is used once and then saved for a second use later, the pawn should be placed on top of the card to indicate it has been used once.

White PawnEdit

The white pawn works like a free agent pawn. When purchased, the purchasing player must choose one of the other pawn colors for the white pawn to represent. This color may not be changed unless the white pawn is returned to Weil's Pawn Shop and purchased again. If the owner of the white pawn also owns the pawn of the color the white pawn is representing, that player gets double the advantages for that color: only one bunny of that color needed to form a color triplet, two die re-rolls, and two re-uses of the matching p-card.



Main article: P-Card

P-Cards can be used twice if the player holds the correct pawn.

Violet Pawn
Large Prune Danish and Very Large Prune Danish
Orange Pawn
The Magic Fountain and Incredibly Magic Fountain
Green Pawn
Carrot Top Casino and Carrot Top Royale
Yellow Pawn
H.E.M.P. and Heavenly Halo Handoff
Blue Pawn
Supplies Surprise and Super Supplies Surprise
Red Pawn
The Mad, Mad Donnelaith Bakery and The Monumentally Mad Donnelaith Bakery
Black Pawn
50/50 Weapons

Pawn-Related CardsEdit

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