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Petra means “rock” in Arabic and ancient Greek. It is a city built in the side of Mount Hor in 1200 BC (by the Nabataeans Arabs). It is located in Jordan just south of Amman between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. Petra is half-built, half-carved into the rock, and is surrounded by mountains riddled with passages and gorges. There are over 800 individual monuments, including buildings, tombs, baths, funerary halls, temples, arched gateways, and colonnaded streets, that were mostly carved from the kaleidoscopic sandstone by the technical and artistic genius of its inhabitants. Pictured is the Treasury of Petra.

Mysterious Place
712 Mysterious Place - Petra-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 712
Type Mysterious Place
Background Diagonal Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Ominous Onyx
◄ Previous Newgrange
Next ► Rosslyn Chapel

Petra must be immediately saved, like Zodiac cards and Kaballa Dolla.


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