Petty Officer 1st
550 Enlisted Rank - E-6 - Petty Officer 1st-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 550
Type Rank
Kind Enlisted
Background Vertical Gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Perfectly Pink
◄ Previous Petty Officer 2nd
Next ► Red/Violet Congenial Bunny

Petty Officer 1st must immediately be placed under a bunny in the Bunny Circle. If the player does not have any bunnies down, then Petty Officer 1st must be placed on any opponent bunny. If there are no bunnies down, then Petty Officer 1st is discarded.


  • The player with the Highest Enlisted Rank Bunny may play one card directly from his/her hand each round. A Run card may be used or discarded, and a Special or Very Special card may be used or saved.
  • There are special cards to indicate which are the Highest Enlisted Rank Bunny (HERB) and Highest Officer Rank Bunny (HORB). These cards go in clear stands on top of the bunny.
  • The player with the HERB must request permission to use this power if there is a HORB in the Bunny Circle. If the HORB replies in the negative, then the power is lost for that round only. President Ficus has the power to countermand HORB’s decision.


  • The player whose bunny becomes HERB may immediately use the special power.
  • The player with the second-highest Enlisted Bunny is encouraged to kill HERB to gain the special power.
  • A Rank card may be placed under any bunny in the Bunny Circle, but the player must select one of his/her own bunnies first. If that bunny already has a Rank, then the old Rank must be placed under any other bunny in the Circle, but a bunny cannot change Ranks more than once in a single turn.
  • Ranks may not be exchanged except as described above. An abducted bunny loses its Rank, but traded and gambled bunnies keep their Rank.
  • A player with both HERB and HORB may play two cards directly from his/her hand each round.


  • The names of the ranks are used by the United States Navy. Creative Team Alpha did not intend this to be a slight toward any other service, but stems from Jeffrey Neil Bellinger’s naval service.
  • The insignia for each Rank is hidden somewhere in the artwork. The hidden Officer Ranks insignia are the stripes worn on the sleeves of Service Dress Blue or on the shoulder boards of Service Dress Khaki or Summer White uniforms.
  • The Zebra from Condition Y/Z can be seen in the background

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