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Cards Phi 01 - Phi 12
Features Fan-designed
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The Phi series is the fifth and final series of Promo cards for Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. It consists of twelve large fan-created cards. The series is included in the informal Quest Fan Deck.

Large Cards Edit

Phi 01 Drazi Feud
Phi 02 Guardin' Gnome
Phi 03 High Rollers
Phi 04 Make It Sow
Phi 05 Paparazzi
Phi 06 Pawn Cloning
Phi 07 Sixplosion
Phi 08 Transmogrifier
Phi 09 Fat Bunny Sings
Phi 10 Trip's Trips
Phi 11 For The King
Phi 12 Ultimate Chaos