Pinky Tusca-Hare-O
521 Pinky Tusca-Hare-O-thumbnail
Pinky Tusca-Hare-O
Quest Card Info
Card ID 521
Type Run
Background Diagonal gradient
Aggressive No
▲ Deck Perfectly Pink
◄ Previous Mother Tucker
Next ► Rank Exchange

Pinky Tusca-Hare-O is a Pink bunny that has the power to reposition herself anywhere in The Bunny Circle between any two players’ turns. This special feature will not allow Pinky to avoid most weapon attacks, but very nicely helps her to avoid Roaming Red Run cards by repositioning herself out of the way before they visit. If Pinky is repositioned into another player’s area of The Bunny Circle, then she will belong to the other player.


  • Pinky Tusca-Hare-O may not switch owners more than once per game.


  • Pinky Tusca-Hare-O parodies the character Pinky Tuscadero from the TV show “Happy Days.”


  • A player can jump Pinky Tusca-Hare-O to an opponent if Pinky has Mad Bunny Disease. This will infect the opponent's bunnies with Mad Bunny Disease.

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