Platinum Rosebud
677 Platinum Rosebud-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 677
Type Very Special
Background Diagonal Gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Ominous Onyx
◄ Previous Focused Fury
Next ► Rerun

Platinum Rosebud may be used once by a player to “mind control” any opponent into playing the opponent’s Top Run card as the player wishes. This card must be played before the Opponent starts the turn (before the Top Run card is moved, before any saved cards are used, or before any cards are played from the opponent’s hand).


  • This card may be played at any time.


  • The term "platinum rosebud" is taken from an episode of the television program "The Greatest American Hero". In the episode "The Hand-Painted Tai" (1982) the phrase was spoken by the antagonist to take control of ex-military commandos that had unknowingly been placed under hypnosis.

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