Poverty Poker
065 Poverty Poker-thumbnail
Quest Card Info
Card ID 065
Type Run
Background Horizontal gradient
Aggressive Yes
▲ Deck Blue
◄ Previous Maggots!
Next ► Carrot Top Casino

Poverty Poker allows the player to force opponents to gamble any number of objects (cabbage, water, carrots, dollas, bunnies, defense, pawns, zodiac cards, and mysterious place cards). The player sets the stakes by choosing amounts for each object (for example, 2 bunnies and a carrot) up to the amounts the player already owns. Everyone who has at least the amounts chosen must place the objects in one kitty. If an opponent only has some of the objects that opponent is excluded from the gamble. Everyone in the gamble rolls a 12-sided die, with the highest roll winning the entire kitty. The player gets an optional re-roll for a better chance of winning. If two or more rolls tie for highest, all the tied players roll again.


  • A bunny with The Heavenly Halo may be put up if the stakes for Poverty Poker include bunnies. If the owner of the haloed bunny has exactly the number of bunnies the stakes require, the haloed bunny must be wagered.


  • By carefully setting the stakes, the player of Poverty Poker can usually choose which opponents (or at least how many of them) will participate in the gamble.

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